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Wire Transfer / Machine Purchase

For all miner purchases we ask that you contact us for Wire Information and a Wire Transfer sheet. We do not accept Credit Card purchases for Miners; only hosting reservations and accessories. This allows us to keep prices low as typically the credit payments can lead to hundreds of dollars of cost, which means the products we supply would need to be marked up to include the costs.


We'd prefer not to do that. NOTE: *We are not responsible for Wire Transfers or Other Payments sent to the incorrect account - Please verify all information*

All machine purchases are made through Stellar Forge Contracting LLC via Wire Transfer for financial compliance.


All hosting is made through Stellar Forge Mining LLC via Credit Card, ACH, or Wire via Stripe.

All purchases are governed by our Sales Terms (Terms & Conditions).

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Factory Direct or Merged Order or Partner Direct Sales

Pre-Sales are made available as a way to lower the cost of goods sold. For example, we are able to get products at a lower cost through packaging a higher higher minimum order quantity purchase with the supplier. In this case, we request payment up front in order to reserve a machine through the pre-sale launch of new machines. The price may or may not includes all import, customs, state, handling, and testing and verification analysis - before shipping out to you (Each listing will tell you what is included or not included). This is a great way to pre-plan and lower your cost to entry. We have strategic partnerships which allow us to do this that others do not have.

If you do not do pre-sale, once products come in they are marked at market rate, which most often times is 25-35% above a pre-sale cost - so buying in advance has benefits.

All pre-sale items are non-refundable unless otherwise mentioned in your payment terms on your invoice or order confirmation.



Business Office: 7500 College Blvd Overland Park, KS

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