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Summer Heat : La Niña / Higher Temps - How have we prepared at Stellar Forge?

The expected summer heat, influenced by La Niña (Or what NOAA is attributing to a spike in higher temperatures do to Greenhouse Effects), can have several impacts on ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) mining operations. It is said that “2024 could rival 2023 for being the hottest year on record” (CNET Climate). As we move through the transition from El Niño to La Niña (Or what NOAA is attributing to a spike in higher temperatures do to Greenhouse Effects), we have made several preparations across sites none the less. Below are some aspects that come along with mining during specific weather event driven changes.


Increased Operating Cooling Costs

ASIC miners generate substantial heat during operation, requiring effective cooling systems to maintain optimal performance and prevent hardware damage. With the central plains and rest of the United States anticipated to experience prolonged heat events and above-average temperatures, cooling systems will need to work harder and for longer periods. We are currently not passing on these costs to customers and have no plans to.


Potential for Hardware Failure

Any new additional heat can accelerate wear and tear on mining equipment. ASIC miners are sensitive to high temperatures, and prolonged exposure can lead to overheating, which may cause hardware failures or reduced efficiency. This risk is heightened during heatwaves, as cooling systems may struggle to maintain safe operating temperatures, especially if the extended heat periods are substantially above average year temperatures. We anticipate most hardware issues being fans, or problems with older equipment in lesser condition, as they will be working the hardest during the summers and have already implemented additional cooling to drop temps.


Increased Downtime

To prevent overheating, mining operations might need to implement intermittent shutdowns during peak heat periods. This downtime can lead to a reduction in mining productivity and revenue. Stellar Forge Mining is not currently anticipating any shutdowns. If any, it will be at an as needed basis, or based on settings and sensors automating specific unit shutdowns; if any. This means, equipment remains safe, while providing maximum uptime possible.


Strategies to Mitigate Heat Impact

Enhanced Cooling Solutions: Investing in more efficient cooling technologies, such as liquid cooling systems, can help manage the increased heat load. At Stellar Forge Mining we have invested in evaporative cooling systems to increase the heat dissipation requirements during hot weather events, alongside additional fans to dissipate heat faster. For example, using fans, we turn over 1,600,000 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air per 2,000 hosted units (See above 5 1/2 ft High Heat High Velocity fans).


Optimal Location: Placing mining operations in cooler, climate-controlled environments or regions with naturally lower temperatures can mitigate the impact of external heat. Stellar Forge Mining will be regrouping particular heat sensitive units to ensure consistency in the overall environment, as some units naturally operate at higher temperature ranges than others. This can help to ensure a lower downtime ratio due to heat.



The summer heat in 2024, driven by La Niña, is expected to pose significant challenges for ASIC mining operations, data center, and manufacturing in general, in the central plains and rest of the United States and world this year (Not many places will escape it). Effective cooling solutions, strategic planning, and energy management will be crucial for maintaining efficiency and profitability in the face of these adverse weather conditions. In conclusion, the safety of your equipment is our goal, alongside, providing the most optimal conditions possible for mining during summer heat events.


With both automation, system settings, and cooling and sensors, we’re prepared to ensure the highest uptimes possible during a year of potential excessive heat.


Heat Globally: For customers of Stellar Forge Mining, we have a plan in place to mitigate as much as possible through intermittent low interval (10-15 min) offline statuses, if any, throughout the day to manage heat through the high temp days. This helps encourage the highest uptime possible throughout higher temp months.


We only anticipate July for two weeks, and August for maybe one week to be the hottest and have the appropriate plans in place.


With evaporative and liquid cooling, you’re able to mine the longest – and we have that.

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-SFM Teams

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