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Sustainable Energy


Delivering Hosting Technology Success

We are a high performance compute and infrastructure and hosting company that focuses on renewable based energy fabrics to empower current and future high performance computing infrastructure.


All locations are carefully selected and pre-screened, designed, developed and constructed by Stellar Forge Mining in combination with industry contractors and technology staff.


Currently we provide multi-megawatt sites of renewable energy infrastructure to customers around the globe, seeking to satisfy both price and energy footprint demands - while focusing on creating solutions that also satisfy ESG requirements.


We believe every customer is different and requires a unique approach. Our mission is to help people navigate through changing technologies to fit their goals by utilizing our supply chain, relationships, and expertise.


Whether it’s making sure you get the right background information so you can make smart decisions, or assisting with diversifying your technology portfolio, we look forward to helping you on your path. ​


We specialize in new technology equipment and modular high performance data center design, build, sourcing, construction, and hosting operations. ​


Our facilities are over 70% emissions free and growing into 2025. ​ Please inquire at


NAICS CODE: 518210

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It started with the first AI:ML machine ...

As a Managing Partner, Michael - the founder - has advised clients on technology investments for many years (United Health Group, Microsoft, JackHenry). Hosting started as a hobby that developed into people asking for help, then us utilizing our supply chain to discover new ways to help others looking for parts, machines and hosting solutions in the space. We have grown that into a business. Stellar Forge has invested back into its community via machines and facilities. Stellar Forge is also participating in giving back to the community through various organizations that the team helps support (icons to the side do not endorse but receive funding). Check out our Managing Partner's profile out here:


multi-Megawatt sitesusa

We also provide multi-megawatt sites and facilities for companies, institutions, and customers looking for site builds and/or hosting - Please use the chat.



We have been verified by both bank and our payments provider. Both require extensive paperwork, inventory, tracking numbers, photos, and vendor relationship lists when verifying a merchant. We just received our post audit continuation 8/6/2021 & 11/20/2023 - after switching processors.

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Business Office: 7500 College Blvd Overland Park, KS


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