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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Who is Stellar Forge Mining?
    We are a high performance compute and infrastructure and hosting company that focuses on renewable based energy fabrics to empower current and future high performance computing infrastructure. All locations are carefully selected and pre-screened, designed, developed and constructed by Stellar Forge Mining in combination with industry contractors and technology staff. Currently we provide multi-megawatt sites of renewable energy infrastructure to customers around the globe, seeking to satisfy both price and energy footprint demands - while focusing on creating solutions that also satisfy ESG requirements. We believe every customer is different and requires a unique approach. Our mission is to help people navigate through changing technologies to fit their goals by utilizing our supply chain, relationships, and expertise. Whether it’s making sure you get the right background information so you can make smart decisions, or assisting with diversifying your technology portfolio, we look forward to helping you on your path. ​ We specialize in new modular high performance data center design, build, sourcing, construction, and hosting operations. ​ Our facilities are over 70% emissions free and growing into 2025. ​ Please inquire at NAICS CODE: 518210
  • What is Stellar Forge Mining's mission?
    As the decentralized finance and AI future grows, we have seen an uptick in the need to provide new locations that meet green energy requirements for the future. Each day we're realizing the need to provide new locations that foster a parallel to the new ESG requirements being provided and handed down from global leaders. At Stellar Forge Mining, preparing for the future is important to us and at the forefront of what we do, both for our existing customers and future customers. The reason why: We want you to stay our hosting customer and we want to pass on the benefits that we receive to you... growing our overall footprint while bringing some reassurance to you that the direction we're moving is in step with the hosting market as your hosting provider. We bring a green portfolio of applicable additions to ESG hosting models.
  • Where is Stellar Forge Mining located?
    Stellar Forge Mining is headquartered in Overland Park, KS, although we operate across multiple states.
  • What motivates Stellar Forge Mining toward the future?
    Our plan for the future, with all sites in our own possession and not arbitraged, is to take our knowledge and understanding within changing markets in order to provide a foundation for future growth where you can feel good about being with a long term hosting provider. Although we can not anticipate all changes, we're able to better control the hosting future, by controlling the locations, relationships, and contracts we utilize to create a great hosting experience together.
  • What are your hosting availability?
    Stellar Forge is currently accepting hosting reservations for 2024. Please inquire in chat for rates or visit our hosting page on the site.
  • What are your hosting rates?
    Our hosting rates are a monthly All-in-Cost, calculated using the equipment power specs. We have volume rates starting at .07/kwh and up. Typically, for smaller customers we are below .075/kwh. Please inquire in chat for availability. Specific rates are tied to locations, as electric is tied to certain rate structures in territories. 20-60 MW sites available.
  • How do I get started hosting?
    Please reach out to the chat for best rates and to inquire on what machine formats we support and within what hosting environments we have. We sometimes list common machines under the Hosting section but support many others, so reach out and we can chat and help you on your way.
  • Are there any other fees associated with hosting?
    1. The KWH rate is all in. There is no separate rack fee for future locations (as of July 2022). 2. Physical Support is at a Time & Materials basis. For example, if a fan needs replaced - we put together an invoice for you for the fan ($34.99) and the estimated time to fix it at an hourly. If it needs shipped out for warranty work, you are responsible for shipping and handling. 3. Manual reboots and investigations are included in your all in rate for free.
  • How are the bills calculated?
    Each unit comes with a factory specification for each individual model. We take the estimated specification against the actual performance of the model, whichever is higher is used as the multiple against your specified rate. For example, if your unit specifies 3.25 KW, the math will be calculated at 3.25 x 24 x 31 (number of days) x .075 (specified rate).
  • How long is the warranty valid?
    The particular warranty starts from the date the units are picked up from Bitmain (might even be before you purchase it). See specifics below: Bitmain Policy (12 Months) : MicroBT Policy (12 Months) : Canaan Policy (180 Days) : Check your warranty validity here:
  • How do I purchase a machine?
    Reach out to the chat for machine sales inquiries. All machines go through SFM Contracting LLC (A partner company)
  • How do I pay for hosting?
    Paying for hosting: When paying for hosting by wire there is a fee of 1% of the total with the maximum charge being $5. When paying for hosting using credit card there is a fee of 2.99% of the total with no maximum charge.
  • What if I would like to add more machines to my hosting account?
    If you'd like to add more machines to your hosting account, you can purchase the appropriate units as normal (or if coming from another provider), purchase the hosting plan as normal and follow the regular steps to purchase (through the chat). We will then reach out to you on the contract and get that moving and tied to your hosting account.
  • Do we have to use a particular pool?
    No. You can use whatever pool you want. Our team will reach out to you during install to collect your pool information. We will never ask you for wallet addresses and we as a hosting company have nothing to do with income generated. We do not handle wallet addresses, nor touch any funds paid out directly to you from third parties. We only install the unit and configure the login for your self-directed pool account as a hosting provider. We can walk you through that setup, if needed, or you can take a look at our Youtube tutorials to walk through how to setup a pool account. Our third party recommendations: F2Pool Poolin
  • What is the uptime specification?
    Hosting facilities are contracted with the utility at a 3% variation for uptime. This time is typically used to make changes to transformer and circuits and to accommodate load balancing. We also reserve the right to make updates and changes. Up to date 2022, users have not experienced more than 6 hours of facility downtime. Individual unit downtime may vary - these are not covered in our facility downtime mention above. Individual downtime can be due to fans that are broken, individual miner unit issues, and do not fit under the above mention.
  • I'm ready for install. When is my install date?
    At Stellar Forge Mining we do a rolling estimated date, which appears on your contract as "Install Date". This date is not confirmed until we have received all of the following: Contract Signed First & Last Month Funded Shipping Form Completed / Submitted (External Equipment); If internal equipment, it will need to be confirmed (Internal Equipment Confirmed) Equipment Received After all the above has been completed, we then establish your expected install date, which will correspond accordingly to the people who have completed the above prior to you. If any of the above is delayed, the Install Date is also delayed for your order. The above policy ensures that those that complete the above steps get priority onboarding and install. Please check out the onboarding process here:
  • I'm ready for install. Do I need to provide my pool information?
    Yes. We will need your pool information. However, do not send us your pool information. Closer to install time, you will receive an email asking your to fill out a digital form with your pool configurations (Pool Name, Pool Email, and Pool UserID). We will assign worker IDs automatically OR if they come configured, we will in some case accept the preconfiguration. If we don't, we typically use the last four-six digits of the serial number as the worker ID. This allows for better unit identification when a support ticket is filed. If you are hosting AI or ML units, our support will work with you to configure. Please check out the onboarding process here:
  • I'm ready for install. Do I need to purchase cables?
    Yes. You do need to purchase cables to ensure that your units match the cable format of the site where you will be hosted. Some sites differ in electrical format, because of this, you will be reached out to in advance of your install to request you purchase the cables. All cables can be found in the link of the onboarding email that will arrive during your install prep. Cables are sold at cost and below cost of Amazon and other cable vendors. We do this, to ensure quality of electrical equipment and verify that all cables do not have any shorts or issues that would effect performance. Cables typically cost between 15-20/each. We provide a promo code for at cost cable purchases. Ask us for it. Please check out the onboarding process here:
  • I'm ready for install. What is my actual next payment date?
    When signing a hosting contract, we request first and last month reservation fee be paid. All months are paid in advance, so the first month reservation fee covers the first month from the online date. The next invoice will be sent out at the end of the first month to be paid at the beginning of the second month immediately. The last month payment floats to your last month with us. For example, if it is a 12 month contract, it will be used toward your 12th month consumption bill. However, if you extend your contract another month, it will be used for your 24th month bill. Please remember to have payment ready at the beginning of the second month. Please check out the onboarding process here for questions surrounding that:

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