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Need a Multi-Megawatt site?

As the decentralized finance future grows, we have seen an uptick in the need to provide new locations that meet green energy requirements for the future. Each day we're realizing the need to provide new locations that foster a parallel to the new ESG requirements being provided and handed down from global leaders.

At Stellar Forge Mining, preparing for the future is important to us and at the forefront of what we do, both for our existing customers and future customers. The reason why: We want you to stay our customer and we want to pass on the benefits that we receive to you... growing our overall footprint while bringing some reassurance to you that the direction we're moving is in step with the market.

Our plan for the future, with all sites in our own possession and not arbitraged, is to take our knowledge and understanding within a changing market in order to provide a foundation for future growth where you can feel good about being long term. Although we can not anticipate all changes, we're able to better control the future, by controlling the locations, relationships, and contracts we utilize to create a great hosting experience together.

With that said, please take a look at our existing Multi-Megawatt sites. Whether you are an existing customer ready to take over your own site, or an institution or business looking to expand and grow - we have you cover. Not only have we already taken care of scoping, documenting, getting approvals, and narrowed down the options - we can get your site moving within 2.5 months. Just another reason you'll be excited you're with us!

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