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Service Update : Enhanced Monitoring with Freshstatus for Mining Data Center Customers

Dear Valued Customers,

We are excited to introduce a powerful enhancement to our suite of tools – the integration of Freshstatus ( , tailored specifically for our mining data center customers. This will replace the prior uptime status page.

Our commitment has been to deliver the highest uptime services that can help you traverse the market, and with the inclusion of Freshstatus, we believe we’re taking a leap forward in empowering you to monitor your environments more effectively.

Key Benefits of Freshstatus Integration for Mining Data Center Customers:

1. Real-time Infrastructure Status: Gain insights into the health and performance of your mining and network infrastructure. Freshstatus provides a live dashboard that visualizes the status of key components, ensuring you’re always aware of how your environments are functioning.

2. Scheduled Maintenance Notifications: Plan and communicate maintenance windows effectively. Freshstatus allows us to notify our internal teams and end-users in advance, minimizing disruptions and enhancing transparency - leading to better Help Desk experiences.

3. Incident Management and Reporting: Whenever there’s an anomaly or issue, Freshstatus provides a streamlined platform to log, track, and communicate incidents from our internal teams. This ensures faster resolution times and better communication among stakeholders.

4. Customizable Alerts: Configure alerts based on specific events. Whether it's a maintenance or any other critical event, you'll be the first to know.

5. Historical Data Analysis: With Freshstatus, not only can you see what’s happening now, but you can also analyze past incidents and uptimes. This empowers mining data center managers to understand trends, make informed decisions, and strategize for future scalability and resilience. It also empowers customers to have trust in their providers.

6. Integration with Other Tools: Freshstatus seamlessly integrates with many other tools and platforms you might already be using. This means less jumping between tools and more consolidated, efficient monitoring and management for Enterprise customers is easier.

7. User-friendly Interface: Freshstatus is designed with users in mind. Its intuitive dashboard and clear visuals make it easy even for those without a technical background to understand the status of their environments.

Taking the Next Steps:

For our existing customers, you can reach the status page by using the Freshstatus button ( in the upper right of the web page and click subscribe to manage which alerts you want to subscribe too. It also is a good first indicator of total site uptime:

For those Enterprise customers interested in exploring this integration, please contact our support team or your account manager for more information.

We believe that this integration with Freshstatus will redefine the way you monitor and manage your mining data center environments, resulting in greater uptime, efficiency, and peace of mind. Any incidents or future planned downtime or maintenance will also be scheduled and tracked through this portal.

Look out for Fall Cleaning updates being scheduled soon. It will be listed as upcoming as we go.

Thank you for trusting us with your critical infrastructure needs.

Warm regards,

Stellar Forge Mining

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