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Stellar Forge Mining Facility SFM24 Update: July 17, 2022

We are happy to be able to provide the following updates on the next US location coming end of August 2022.

The new site will be one of an additional 10 of future 90 MWs of power rollout with evaporatively cooled containers, featuring .065-.085/KWH USD electric rates all-in depending on quantity (no shelf fee & includes taxes and tariffs).

Recent Updates:

  1. Cooperative Effort Approved

  2. Application to City Approved

  3. Letter from Community Approved

  4. Telecommunications Plan Approved

  5. Site Plan Approved

  6. Sourcing of Initial Containers Approved

  7. Sourcing of Initial Transformers Approved

  8. Rate Analysis Approved

  9. Water Analysis Approved

  10. Capacity Plan with Committee Approved.

  11. Build Next Steps In-Progress

Next steps are in progress for site development and rollout. Time expected to completion 1 1/2 months.

Please reach out to the chat to pre-reserve your space as spaces are already being taken. Rates for all of our sites are tied to specific locations and contracts available.

Example rate to profitability sheet: Sheet * Actual machine usage will be metered and billed. This sheet provides a high end estimate. Some units not listed. Reach out to chat for questions. Actual meter / spec shall prevail.

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