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Purchase Hosting for S19

Purchase Hosting for S19

Reserve Hosting for S19 - 95 Th/s - Please select the model and the number of units you need hosted. This is a per unit cost - any variants listed as "Out of Stock" or unit quantity to host 100+ please use the chat for the latest pricing.

  • Hosting Details


    All-in-cost hosting cost at $0.0735 per/kWh total price due per month based on equipment power consumption. 

    S19 95 Th/s 3.25KW COST BREAKDOWN:

     S19 95 Th/s Hosting Per Month (Qty: 1)   $177.72
    Install Fee ($49.95 One-time charge) Waived
    Total Due Today (1st & Last Month)   $355.44

    *Cost per month is based on signed hosting agreement for 1 unit. 

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