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All Sites Online 100%

1. New Hydro Cooling System being added - Does Not Interrupt Service - Expected Completion 6/9

2. Site 236 In Progress - Potential availability < August 2023.

3. View Historical Site Health HERE

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Strategy & Infrastructure

From solo investors to enterprise businesses alike – we are experts in creating start to finish solutions to support Blockchain mining operations of any scale.


With direct supply chain access and proven international logistics experience we are the key to sourcing the latest generation of mining hardware, at the best possible price points critical to the success of any mining & neural network operation.

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Find Top Brand Equipment

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All-in-Cost Hosting

Our technically equipped, yet competitively priced facilities provide reliable power and cooling infrastructure, network connectivity, device management, 24/7 security monitoring, and responsive expert support both on-site and remotely.


Frequently Asked

What is your hosting availability? Stellar Forge is currently accepting hosting reservations for Q2 2023. Please inquire in chat for rates or visit our hosting page on the site.

What are your hosting rates? Our hosting rates are a monthly All-in-Cost, calculated using the equipment power specs. We have volume rates starting at .075/kwh. Please inquire in chat for availability. Specific rates are tied to locations, as electric is tied to certain rate structures in territories.


How do I get started hosting? 1. You can visit the hosting page -> Browse the hosting plans -> Select a plan with estimated date and quantity -> Select Check-out (If you have any questions, please use the chat). 2. After selecting the plan and purchases, or getting a custom invoice sent to you from the chat, we will followup with you on the contract (You can also view an example contract under each hosting product under "Hosting Details" on the right hand side under the buy button ("Here"). 3. After your purchase or custom invoice payment, within 24 hours, you'll receive an AdobeSign with your contract referencing your invoice number. This ties out the details for contract. 4. Once signed, we will send you our Stellar Forge Mining Onboarding Document whether you purchased the machine with us or an outside party, you'll know what to do to onboard. 5. We receive the unit -> The unit install date will correspond to the estimated install date on the hosting package you purchased.

Get Online -
Without A Sweat

Stellar Forge Mining is your trusted partner in the hosting space leading as the best home and host for your Blockchain mining equipment.


Modular Data Center Space

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We provide modern, modular data center and traditional data center space. 

All Modular Units are UL & CUL approved (with Schneider Electric Controls), alongside, having AI security surveillance, temperature, humidity, and fire sensors and controls - All the things you would expect from data center space, but within a 40' x 8' footprint - enabling high performance air-cooled and ESG ready hosting environments.


Capacity Sites 

Leverage our team’s 25+ years  of combined industry experience to identify underutilized power within the US grid to construct our expandable data mining infrastructure that provides immediate and near-term capacity to form grid stability and help to meet the demand for hosting services. 

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